The Eucharistic Heart Charismatic Community - Spirit and Life
"As the living Father sent me, and I live because of the Father, so he who eats me will live because of me" (Jn 6:57).
Thank you for your interest in the Eucharistic Heart Charismatic Community!
Upcoming Event in Toulon
Our goals are:
  • To follow Jesus Christ in his teaching of the Beatitudes
  • To live in an intense way the life of all the people of God
  • To develop between the members a fraternal relationship, brothers or sisters, who testify their mutual love,
  • To give to one another the regard, the confidence and the affection which allow the best blooming of each personality,
  • To promote ambiance of good agreement, for reciprocal comprehension and collaboration,
  • To promote compassionate understanding to help those in sorrow and sadness.
The Eucharistic Christ wants to be present in all his faithful followers to make their faces radiant, to support and encourage them in solving their difficulties, and to guide them ahead to the proclamation of the Gospel for all people in the universe.
Eucharistic heart of Jesus is seeking contemplative individuals who will become missionaries.
"Form communities based on faith!
In recent decades movements are born communities in which the power of the Gospel is keenly felt. Seek communion in faith by being together companions who continue to follow the path of the great pilgrimage, the one the Magi from the East had indicated us!
The spontaneity of new communities is important, but it is also important to preserve communion with the pope and the bishops. They are the one who guarantee that we  do not seeking private paths, but instead so that we live in the great family of God which the Lord has established with the twelve apostles ...
Because we receive the same Lord and he gathers us and draws us to Him, we come together as one. It must be seen in life. This must be the ability to forgive. It must be seen in the sensitivity to the needs of another. This must be seen in our willingness to share. It must be seen in the commitment toward the neighbor, the one who is close as the one who is externally far away, but who looks at us always closely."                                    
(Pope Benedict XVI)